Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kyushu Pilgrimage update


Though I already finished my 2,200 kilometer walk around Kyushu, on this blog I am still writing about the first day. Over at Japan Visitor, however, I am up to day 33 . Links to the first 11 days are here , and here are the links for the next 22 days.

Day 12 Oita to Bungo Ono
Day 13 Bungo Ono to Usuki
Day 14 Usuki
Day 15 Usuki to Tsukumi
Day 16 Tsukumi to Saiki
Day 17 Saiki to Sotaro
Day 18 Sotaro to Nobeoka
Day 19 Nobeoka to Hyuga City
Day 20 Hyuga to Takanabe part 1
Day 20 Hyuga to Takanabe part 2
Day 21 Takanabe to Miyazaki
Day 22 Miyazaki City
Day 23 Miyazaki to Udo Jingu
Day 24 Nichinan to Yowara
Day 25 Yowara to Shibushi
Day 26 Shibushi to Miyakonojo
Day 27 Miyakonojo to Kirishima Jingu
Day 28 Kirishima Jingu to Hayato
Day 29 Hayato to Kagoshima
Day 30 Kagoshima
Day 31 Kagoshima
Day 32 Kagoshima to Ibusuki
Day 33 Ibusuki to Ei



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