Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sanbe Dam

The second temple on the Iwami 33 Kannon pilgrimage (actually the first "extra" temple) is located on the mountainside above Sanbe Dam. Thats Mount Sanbe behind.

Seeing how aged the concrete is I was surprised to learn that the dam was not finished until 1996, although construction started in 1980.

The dam is a little over 54 meters high and 140 meters wide at its crest and is composed of 110,000 cubic meters of rock and concrete. Ostensibly the purpose of the dam is flood control and to supply water to Oda City, but its real purpose is to funnel money to construction companies.

The small reservoir has a capacity of 7,000,000 cubic meters of water.


  1. o jisan:

    You always manage to turn something ordinary into such visually beautiful images.
    Arigatoo gozaimashita.

    Hakken (Eight Dog)

  2. The urge to funnel money to construction companies also explains the hideous proliferation of so-called breakwaters all around the coast of Japan. These consist of hundreds and thousands of concrete tripods, dumped in the sea wherever a beautiful view needs "improvement". The less said about the Shimanami Kaido the better, though it does make a very nice cycle path.

  3. Hi Tony..... if you type in "tetrapod" or "concrete" into the search box at top you will find some of my posts on that sunject :)