Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sunset on Sanbe


On Thursday I started walking the Iwami 33 Kannon pilgrimage. The second and third temples lie around the base of Mount Sanbe (1126m) so I decided to make the detour and climb to the top as it had been some years since I was up there. I started out in Oda just slightly above sea level and the route took me along the river directly towards Sanbe some 20k distant.


It was a mostly overcast and showery day and I got to the top about 4:30 and off to the west the clouds cracked open to reveal a splash of color....


About 2 minutes later Wes of Hiking in Japan arrived at the top and we took a few photos before the clouds closed and settled on the mountain. 2 minutes after that it started to rain and kept up all night long becoming sleet and snow at times. Fortunately there was a hut to take shelter in....



  1. Knowing Wes and his history, I'm starting to think that he is an 'ame-otoko.'

  2. Does Wes do Tozantales? But anyway, whenever I'm hiking around here in Shikoku I think of the thumb down picture from Ishizuchi in the rain on that page. I hope to never be like that but probably will someday.

    I think of that picture and give my thanks for good weather.

    I love the mountain layers. Great.

    1. Ted - If I were truly an ame-otoko then it would have rained the entire time. Turns out we didn't have to hike in the rain at all, and were treated to wonderful weather the following day.

      Blaine - Yeah, I do Tozan Tales. My goal is to hike with all Japan-based hiking bloggers. I'll let you know the next time I make it to Shikoku

  3. The sunset pictures are amazing. It is hard to believe they are real.