Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vacation 2011 Day 18 Essouira


My room in the hotel we stayed at in the medina of Essouira was on the roof so it was not far to go to watch sunrise......


These posts on my vacation in Morocco are not popular with most of my readers, but I found Morocco to be very photogenic and I like the photsos I took, so.......


I ancient times Essouira was settled by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans. In more recent times the Portugese established a presence here for a while but the Essouira of today was built by an Arab ruler though he did use all the latest techniques of fortress construction from Europe and many nationalities contributed their expertise. The watchtower at the harbour where I took this photo was designed by someone from Genoa.


Essouira is a major harbour on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and so there is lots of fishing...... and of course fresh fish....


I believe these blue boats are for inshore sardine fishing....


I really liked essouira..... much more laid back than Marrakesh...... not unusual to hear reggae pumping out from many of the stores in the Medina...



  1. I like your pics from Morocco, esp. the ones here. I can believe you went there just for the photo ops!

  2. Stunning photos !! And I really enjoy reading your notes.

  3. Stunning photos !! and I really enjoy reading your notes