Monday, May 14, 2012

Vacation 2011 day 15, last day of the trek


The last day of our trek in southern Morocco began with a steep climb up the ridge and over into the next valley. I headed off alone before the rest of the group. I preferred to climb slowly and not have to keep up with everyone. I also prefer hiking in the desert in solitude. Chatting is for meal times and evenings.


The next valley was narrow with a running river so was lined with villages all the way down.


We followed the river while the cook and his mobile kitchen took the road so he could get ahead and have lunch waiting for us at a shady spot downstream.


We actually got to see a rose. We were still in the Valley of the Roses but it would be a few more weeks until they would all be blooming.


For the last evening we were once again in a gite. From the roof it looked as if rain was coming.....


Time to say bye and thanks to the muleteers who had taken good care of us for the past 9 days.....

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