Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Reflections


I've been wandering the back country up in Izumo the last few weekends. A little later than usual but the paddies are flooded and those that are not yet planted are in the process of being...


....all very photogenic.....


Mostly it was old people out in the paddies, but I did see a few three generation families out working and even one 4 generation family....


I've been walking the Izumo 33 Kannon Temple pilgrimage, and while many people I encountered have been kind I do have to say that I am absolutely sick and tired of being stopped by the police and forced to show ID and then be interrogated, all because I don't look Japanese. But then what could one expect from a country where racial discrimination is perfectly legal.


  1. I really like the colors in your pictures. They look great.

    Do you get stopped often when you are walking around? What do they ask you when that happens?

  2. I get stopped too often :)... often the old local cops on mopeds just check that I'm not lost, but town cops are obnoxious, wanting to know where I stayed, where Im going to stay, my job and so on....all of it none of their business...

  3. Hey Jake,
    except for you and your pictures, all I hear about is the earth quake in Japan, and the radiation poison that has reached the USA, and how all of us will soon die due to this. and there is another warning that two more earthquakes will hit Japan soon. Can you share your opinion about this. Good to be talking to you again.
    Hope that things are good for you and your wife (except for the police stopping you;).


  4. Great pics as always... there's always a price to pay for being a pioneer, though it is extraordinary how much attention foreigners attract even more than one hundred years after Lafcadio Hearn. Just shows how ruggedly monocultural Japan wishes to remain... I often think that this flies in the face of Western values promoted by multiculturalism, but while China gets all the flak, Japan - like Saudi Arabia and Israel - faces no real criticism because it's an ally (puppet) of America. How can a leading country in this day and age have no law against discrimination?

  5. Hey John.
    The simple answer is that while Japanese can be victims of discrimination, they cannot perpertrate it :).... inaka cops are almost always no problem. Its the town cops who are obnoxious.

  6. toujours des photos réussies !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. great pictures...i love this time of year, and never get tired of looking at/taking pictures of stuff reflected in rice paddies...unfortunately didn't have time to take any pictures myself this year...

  8. Merci pour ce reportage photo jake.
    Je suis triste pour toi, si en ville c'est compliqué..