Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hamada Castle


This is an artists impression of what Hamada castle would have looked like. It no longer exists as it was torched by the Lord of the castle in 1866 to stop it falling into the hands of the approaching Choshu forces.


This entrance gate that now stands at the entrance to the inner fortifications was originally a gate to a samurai residence in Tsuwano. the Choshu forces passed through Tsuwano on their way west but the Tsuwano Lord chose to keep his men inside tsuwano castle rather than engage the invaders.


The castle and surrounding castle town were built in 1620 by the Yoshida clan though control of the domain and castle passed to a branch of the Matsudaira a few decades later.


There are fine views over Hamada from where the keep once stood.


  1. I love Japanese castles, even their ruins are an interesting view into the past.

  2. Yes, some great ruins here of what would have been a magnificent Japanese castle. I love the different castles they have in Japan and it is always a thrill to explore them.