Thursday, November 17, 2011

Onbashi. The biggest natural bridge in Japan

Tojo Town is a small town in the mountains of NE Hiroshima Prefecture. Its draincover depicts maple leaves and the Taishaku River flowing through Onbashi, the biggest natural bridge in japan.

Onbashi is 90 meters wide, stands 40 meters high, and is 18 meters thick. It is composed mostly of limestone as it is in a karst.

It is believed to be the third biggest natural bridge in the world, though I suspect there are different ways of measuring bigness.

Onbashi means "male bridge", and its female counterpart, Menbashi is further downstream though it is now under the surface of Shinryu Lake, a reservoir created when the gorge was dammed in 1924

Being a karst, there are other natural bridges and a multitude of caves in the area.

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