Saturday, October 15, 2011

Interesting stuff on the WWW

Here is a smattering of interesting sites and blogs Ive come across recently

Walking Through Japan is a blog being written by I believe a Swiss gentleman who is partway along a walk from the northern tip of Hokkaido down to the southern tip of Kyushu. The blog is in English but I think there is also a german and a japanese version.

Kyoto Gardens , not surprisingly, is about temple gardens in Kyoto. Whats nice about it is that one can "walk" through and around the gardens

Shimane Mask maker is a recent article from the Japan Times about yours truly....

Ex-SKF is a great site for anyone wanting to keep up with the news (and disinformation) about the ongoing nuclear crisis. The author is Japanese and he translates all the Japanese news articles as well as tweets and blogs from workers at the nuclear plant. Most importantly he "connects the dots" between the scattered bits of information coming out as well as offering his readings of the meaning......

Andante Photography is an Osaka based Japanese photographer. Simply good photos.

Jenna Pollard is a young woman over here for a year teaching English in local schools so her blog does cover Iwami and surrounding areas.

Iwami Travel Guide is written by students at the University in Hamada.



  1. very interesting sites! thanks for sharing. i esp. enjoyed the article about you.

  2. Thank you for the very interesting links Jake. It's a dream for me to visit once the garden of Kyoto. And now I can visit them at least virtually. I just finished a novel from the ungarian writer Laszlo Krasznahorkai (Seiobo on earth) about a japanese mask maker and a NĂ´ Dancer. So the other links are as well interesting for me.
    Thanks again for your wonderful blog!

  3. Many thanks from Osaka. Anyway the swiss guy seems to travel through San-in region.

  4. Thank you for posting these new links. The Fukushima link is particularly interesting given the lack of current news reporting on the other side of the ocean.
    Also hope you will soon have a posting on your garden harvest for this fall.

  5. Your blog is awesome! Very informative and thanks for sharing those awesome links :D

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing these interesting links!