Monday, November 8, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day 10: Wurzburg, the afternoon


The old main bridge across the River Main was built in the 15th Century. The statues were added in the 18th Century.

For my last afternoon in Wurzburg we headed back across the river and up to the Fortress Marienberg sitting atop the hillside looking over Wurzburg.


There were fortifications on this hilltop since the 14th Century that have been gradually expanded and added to until its present size.


It was completely burned out in 1945, and reconstruction was only finished in 1990.


Lots of light and shadow, which is what photography is about, right?


There are fantastic views over the River main and the whole of Wurzburg.



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  1. Absolutely right: photography is a game of light & shadows and you skillfully master the subject.
    Love the 2nd pic which has a Japanese flavor in some sort of way. Once again thanx for sharing!