Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 garden report


I was more conscientious with my gardening this year. I'm usually quite a lazy gardener.I spent a lot more time with preparation and weeding. I might as well have spent my time playing pachinko. Unseasonable weather and hungry critters really took their toll. Yields of most crops were down to 10% at times.
Millet did OK, but the grains were much smaller than last year.
Hung the black beans up to dry last week. Late as usual.
Went out about an hour later and there was a bloody great monkey helping himself.
An hour later he returned with some of his buddies but by then I was stripping the pods from the plants and bringing them indoors to dry. The wild boar have been much more troublesome this year too. They took some of my taro and sweet potatoes, so I dug them up early, but the boars still came back most nights and rooted around in the gardens causing damage. The sweet potato crop was good again this year though, and its nice to pop a couple in the dutch oven on the woodstove each evening for a late night snack.


  1. sorry your gardens really took a hit this year. First with the flooding and then with the unbearable heat.

    Let's hope things turn out more bountiful next year.

    I've still got tomatoes sprouting on my balcony garden here in Osaka. This year has been way too mild.

  2. actually the flood wasnt too bad... a little corn rotted. What was worst was the cold wet spring, then the dry summer followed by a cool and wet fall.... we havent had a frost yet, but the weather has been "off".