Saturday, June 5, 2010

Takano-Ji inside


Inside Takano-Ji is like stepping into another world. The ceiling is painted with bright murals of dragons.


All the colums and architectural details are also brightly painted.


If this was in Kyoto there would be a hefty entrance fee and crowds of people.


Above the main altar a huge mandala.


There are some amazing statues. I think this must be one of the Shitenno, the four heavenly kings.


There is also a collection of paintings.

One could easily spend hours taking it all in.

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  1. Amazing photos... intense colours. You're right - if it were in Kyoto, it'd be on the tourist map and there'd be a steady stream of visitors. Perhaps it's good to have preserved some of the more original (non-touristy) places for those able and willing to explore...not to mention the local people that don't have to join the queues.