Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day: Canalwalk, final part


By mid-morning the fog had melted away to reveal a glorious spring day.


By now the canal was busy with pleasure boaters. They move at about the same speed as me walking, but I stop often to rest my bad knee and have cigarette breaks.


Everyday (just about) where I live in Japan I notice how lucky I am to be living surrounded by beauty, but the rural English landscape is now enticing in a way it never was when I lived there.


Bridge after bridge..... many just to carry a farmers track over the canal.


A few iron bridges from the heyday of the Industrial Revolution when canal building was at its peak.


The railways eventually put the canals out of business, but I was surprised to see that there is still some use made of them for hauling goods and materials. Nice job if you can get it.


The Newbold Tunnel is 250 meters long and has had a series of colored lights installed to make a "Circle of Light". This is the new tunnel, built in 1832 to replace the much longer, and narrower, original tunnel.

Its lunchtime as I reach the outskirts of Rugby, so I stop in at a canalside pub for Sunday lunch. By the time I get to the station I reckon I have walked 20 miles. A good start to my vacation.


  1. These are some pretty amazing shots! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. saved the best for last...really nice pictures, again...

  3. I can really understand your comment about the landscape being "enticing in a way, etc." On my journeys back to NM from Japan, I found myself pulled completely into the land around me, unable to focus on much else. Though I miss Japan sometimes, I'm loving this reconnect.

  4. Hey Ted
    I miss the landscapes of Arizona so much that at times I am moved to tears.....