Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day 2. A walk along the canal part 2


This is a follow on post to this earlier one.

After Hawkesbury Junction the Oxford Canal begins. Soon the canal passes a hug sub-station of the national grid...... giant pylons carrying high tension power lines converge. The fog was so thick there was no color, all was monochrome greys except the sharp white disc of the sun.

The silence added to the eeriness.


A little later I passed a sole sole.... hah!

For some reason the scene reminded me of a Mizoguchi movie.....


As the sun rose it slowly began to burn away the fog, but stillness prevailed.


Bridge number 9. One of my dreams is to spend an extended period of time walking around England along the canals. There are plenty of bridges so finding a dry place to sleep would not be difficult.


The Oxford canal is a contour canal, so there are few locks and the route is long and windy, therefore the view keeps changing.


There are a lot of people living on the canals. There are also a lot of people on vacation cruising in rental narrowboats. Another dream is to have a vacation doing just that.


  1. Beautiful! Worth the wait. You make every image look magic - even the flotsam and jetsam!

  2. What beautiful photographs and commentary, it has made me view our canals in a different light, thank you, Lis x

  3. Thanks for your comments...... I will post some more later....

  4. its lovely to travel+walk with u!