Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Omori Floral

Cinco de Mayo 2

Up in the mountains not far from here is the Iwami Ginzan World Heritage Site, and the village of Omori is a large part of it.

Cinco de Mayo 6

Pretty much just one long street in the narrow valley below the mine, Omori is where the samurai, bureaucrats, and merchants lived.

The slaves who worked and died in the mine lived in hovels up on the mountain.

Cinco de Mayo 9

Omori is a pretty good showcase of Edo Period buildings, most of which have been restored, and to make it pretty for the throngs of tourists many property owners put small displays of flowers in front of their properties.

Cinco de Mayo 15

All these photos were taken in a one hour walk along the main street one day in May.

Cinco de Mayo 18

They are real flowers, not plastic. You need to check. I was very impressed with the flowers at Mitaki Dera until I looked closely and saw they were plastic.

Cinco de Mayo 41

Cinco de Mayo 34


  1. Absolutely charming, and you have done a wonderful job framing a number of them, including the first and the fourth ones.

  2. # 4 is the loveliest. I recently purchased this little postcard http://bit.ly/9NwcNx with a similarly spirited image & am going to frame it & keep on my desk. Your # 4 however is going to reside on my computer desktop for a while. Thank you!

  3. love it! more flower pics, please :)