Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day1: Coventry.


I took a break from posting recently as I went on vacation.

A lot of friends and family read this blog, so I thought I would post vacation pics here.

My first day was in Coventry, the city I grew up in.


One of the first things I notice when I return to Europe are the trees. They are different from Japan. Older and gnarlier. The streets of European cities tend to have more trees than in japan.


It was really nice to see stone buildings, especially sandstone. This is Swanswell gate in the old town wall dating to the fifteenth Century.


The area around Millenium Square has been redeveloped with a great Transport Museum (free), and more public art. This statue is of Whittle, the inventor of the jet engine.


The skyline in my old neighborhood used to be dominated by the gasworks, but they have long gone and been replaced with Ricoh Stadium, the home of the Coventry FC.


  1. As always, beautiful photos! How long were you in the UK for? The one thing overcast skies are good for is photography... in that you at least you're not struggling against strong sunlight. Also - allows you to get some really nice shots. The first was fantastic... Clouds can add so much texture and depth.
    Can't wait for more...

  2. I was in the UK for about 10 days and Bavaria for 8

  3. i love to see those old sandstone buildings, there aren't that many these days, i hope you have had a good vacation Jake

  4. Very beautiful photos, thank you for posting it
    but I never could get this First JET facts straight -

    Henri Coanda ( June 7, 1886 – November 25, 1972) ia a builder of the world's first jet powered aircraft, the Coanda- in 1910
    Sir Frank Whittle (1 June 1907 – 9 August 1996) Frank Whittle invented the jet engine in 1932, - Whittle is hailed as a father of jet propulsion.

    So my question is how sir Frank Whittle could be a Father and Founder of Jet propulsion being 3 years old [ by 1910] - where the first discovery took place?

    Clearly Henri Coanda was the first developer and builder of jet propelled aircraft's, besides there is one more airplane was successful build in 1931, [a year before Whittle invention] Caproni Campini N.1 build by Henri Coanda as well.

    If anyone can explain, please do!
    Thank you

  5. Coanda worked on thermojet which was a variation of piston engine using propellers. The jet engines we know and use today were pure jet engines and they are ascribed to Whittle.

  6. Aaaa - Ok, now it is clear "ThermoJet", thank you very much!

    Love the moss on that sandstone.