Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Colourful Koi


Japanese koi come in an astonishing number of breeds.

Here are a few of the major ones.....


KOHAKU.... white with large red markings on top

TAISHO SANSHOKU..... similar to the Kohaku but with the addition of black.

SHOWA SANSHOKU.... black koi with red and white markings/


CHAGOI..... meaqns tea colored... olive green, brown, bronze etc

SHIRO UTSURI... black with white markings

GOLD OGON..... single color, ranging from gold to yellow.


AKA BEKKO.... red with small black markings

BEKKO.... White, with small black markings.

UTSURI MONO..... 2 colred in an almost checkerboard pattern. Several color combinations.

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  1. Beautiful... though there was a passing resemblance to Jaws in one of them. Actually a good time to post about Koi... almost time to get the koinobori out of storage... the years moving on quite quickly now!

  2. Nice. I never knew there were so many different names for the breeds. Good work on this one. Interesting how there are the Taishi and Showa 3 colored varieties. I wonder why they are named for the emperors?

  3. I think its the era name based on when the breed was created.

  4. Those fishes are quite interesting and the best part about them. it is the they aren't carnivorous.