Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shimane Winery

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There are acres and acres of vinyl greenhouses in the area around Izumo Taisha. Most of them contain grapevines to serve Shimane Winery, a popular tourist destination offering free tours and tastings. Wine from grapes was first introduced into Japan by Jesuit priests in the 17th Century, but production did not begin until the late 18th Century when Japan "opened". In the 1950's the fledgling Japanese wine industry expanded and many areas started to produce wine.
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I did try some Shimane wine once, and I am not a sophisticated consumer, but I would rank it about level with British wine!! More photos around Izumo Taisha

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  1. I went there yesterday and I have to agree with you! I selected my favorite from the free tastings and bought a white and a red wine. (白、ロゼ) I will be saving them for later!