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Friday, December 2, 2016

Hunting the Fall Color 2016 Day 5

Day 5 started out with a short ferry trip across Lake Biwa to the sacred island of Chikibujima and the shrines and temples there.

Across the lake at Nagahama I visited the Keiunkan, a villa built for Emperor Meiji to stay in. It has a lovely garden.

In front of the reconstructed Nagahama Castle was a small park.

Wandering through the Kurokabe area I glimpsed some nice color along the water.

The Ando house had a very nice, compact, town garden

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yamane Family home.


On Sunday afternoon we were walking along the waterfront at Nagahama on our way back to the van after visiting the sailship Nadezhda. I stopped and took a couple of photos of some nice, old, empty houses. A man in the garden of the house inbetween asked me why I took the photos. I told him I liked these old buildings, and he asked me if I'd like to look inside. I though he meant inside the empty buildings, but what he meant was inside his house.


Mr Yamane is the 18th generation of his family to live here. I didn't think to ask how old the house was, but the beams and some of the floors ( 5cm thick slabs of wood) looked to be at least 200 years old.


The house was filled with family heirlooms, most seemed to be from the Edo Period.


There were 2 huge Kamidana.


Lots of weapons, including this thing that was attached to a 2 metre long pole. Not much up on samurai and such so I doin't know what its called.


There were lots of old dolls, and this lovely pair of statues of Daikoku and Ebisu.


My favorite object though was this miniature set of samurai armor.

On the way out through the covered courtyard between the buildings Yoko remarked that the 2 huge stone sinks reminded her of a sake brewery and Mr. Yamane told us it was a Soy Sauce brewery. That was has the family became wealthy. I mentioned that if his house was in Kyoto it would be open to the public for a hefty entrance fee. He laughed and said "everything in Kyoto is expensive"

I wondered if he had a son that would continue on living in the ancestral home, but I kind of think probably not. His kids probably live in a big city now.