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Sunday, March 22, 2009



The draincover for Gotsu shows a stylized view of what you see out of the train window as you come into the town from the east. The flowers are azaleas, the town flower, and cherry blossoms.


The new doubledecker bridge carries traffic on the by-pass, avoiding the town centre. The lower level is for local traffic between Watazu and Gotsu Honmachi. Gotsu is the smallest of Shimane's cities, but is really just a collection of villages spread over the surrounding area, including my own village.


A view of the bridge from the Gonokawa River.


Behind the bridge is Hoshitaka Mountain, "Star Mountain". The star is most visible after a snowfall, or when the azaleas are blooming, or at night in August when it is lit up. Star mountain gets its own post in a few days as there is a lot of interest.


Looking east over Gotsu. That is Star Mountain on the right.