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Monday, April 4, 2011

Vacation 2010 Day 16: Exeter


My final stop on my 2010 vacation was in Exeter, a place I lived for a couple of years, but havent been back to since.


The town was the westernmost outpost of the Romans in the SW, and parts of the Roman wall still remain. The Cathedral was built in the early 12th Century.


Actually this was the first time I had been in the cathedral.


Traces of medieval buildings still abound, and the town is not such a bad place to live.


After the Cathedral I wandered down to the River Exe and the canal basin next to it before walking to the train station.

So thats it for my 2010 vacation. Right now I am on my 2011 vacation so will start posting on that in a few weeks when I return from the deserts of Morocco.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Vacation 2010 Day 15: South Devon


My vacation was drawing to a close, so on my way back up to London to catch my flight home to Japan I stopped in to visit family in south Devon. South Devon is mostly rolling hills and while there is some tourism its mostly agricultural.


My nephews and niece live in an old farmhouse not far from Salcombe and Kingsbridge just a few miles inland from the coast.


We all went for a walk down to Soar Mill Cove. One thing that is very noticeable in England is the number of people who go for walks, often with dogs, for pleasure. Walking around Japan it is rare to meet people out walking.


The weather was not great, but added a dramatic touch.