Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Obama Onsen Snapshots


Obama Onsen is a small. coastal hot spring resort on the West coast of the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki, Kyushu.

I stayed in a small. family-run ryokan with a recently renovated outdoor bath but the town also has plenty of larger hotel-style accomodation.

Known for its sunset views, it main claim to fame is having the hottest and most active hots springs in the country.

You can't go far on the Japanese coast without finding one of the spots where the ubiquitous tetrapods are made.

Typical of many seaside parks, Obama had a large, sculptural-type monument near the longest foot bath in Japan.

There was a very small fishing harbour with huge concrete walls and breakwaters

Shunyokan is a classic onsen hotel from the early Show period about 100 years ago//

Looking north, my route the next day, up Tachibana Bay

The previous post was on Obama Shrine.

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  1. Hey Jake, enjoying catching up on the blog with a cup of tea.

    Can I ask what website you and other locals use to book ryokens such as the one you stayed in here? I've been looking around on various websites, but the international ones don't seem to offer too many of these smaller local type ryokens and inns. Did you book in advance, or simply stumble upon it during your adventure?