Friday, June 18, 2021

Taketomi Beaches


Taketomi Island, a small island a few kilometers from the larger Ishigaki island in what is now Okinawa Prefecture, is a very popular tourist site that visitors come to primarily to see the picturesque traditional village, and to take a ride in a cart pulled by water buffalo.

However the island also has a couple of rather nice beaches, one a little rocky, the oyjer with fine white sand.

We visited in April, out of season, and so the beaches were deserted. Also it was an overcast day so the colors are not so spectacular.

At low tide, it seemed too shallow for swimming or snorkeling for quite a ways out.

This gentleman was off collecting something, maybe a type of seaweed, maybe shellfish.....

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  1. I visited Taketomi as a day trip from Ishigaki in June 2011. I had a great day there, even did a bit of snorkeling at Misashi. If I ever go again, I'll stay a night there to soak up even more of the atmosphere.

  2. Been there once,took a ferry from Ishigaki. The island is every bit as beautiful as you described and I have fond memory of the Ryukyu-style homes with their rooftop komainus. With beaches like that, wonder why Japanese would spend a fortune to flock to Hawaii?