Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Gardens at Gokuraku-ji Temple

zen garden
Karesansui style Zen garden at Gokurakuji Temple in Kinosaki Onsen
Gokurakuji Temple, in a back street of the popular hot spring resort of Kinosaki Onsen, has some nice, small gardens, one of which is quite unusual.

zen garden panorama
Panoramic view of the gardens at Gokurakuji Temple in Kinosaki
Outside the temple gate is a small hillside garden with miniature waterfalls and a lot of statuary, but inside the gate the whole courtyard is given over to 2 karesansui dry gardens.

karesansui with 2 color gravel
Unusual 2 color raked gravel in the garden at Gokurakuji Temple
One of the gardens has raked gravel of two different colors, white, and grey, with theb two being separated by rooftiles set vertically. I can't remember ever having seen the two colors before like this, though using rooftiles to separate sections is fairly common in many types of garden.

Paths extend between the two gardens so they can be viewed from many different angles. The temple also offers zazen classes followed by green tea while viewing the gardens from inside the temple.

801 Kinosakicho Yushhima, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo 669-6101
Tel: 0796 32 2326


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