Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sunset from Mount Kannomine

425 meters above sea level, Mount Kannomine is the highest point on Osaki Kamijima Island in the Inland Sea off the coast of Hiroshima.

I had walked up from the coast below to spend the night at the end of my second day walking along the Aki Nada island chain. I have a fondness for sleeping out on mountaintops where I can get a good view for sunset and then sunrise.

The islands of the Inland Sea are particularly good for this, with great views across dozens of islands and islets. Unfortunately, on this day it was quite cloudy.

The first shot is from part way up and then the shots move from southeast to southwest. In the middle of the second shot you can clearly see some of the bridges of the Shimanami kaido.


  1. Oh, nice, you went there too! On this island, my favorite area was the red light district. It's all abandoned, of course, but there is quite an atmosphere...

    1. There used to be a red light district here, but I think you may be thinking of Mitarai on the neighboring island of Osaki Shimojima