Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Original 24 Eyes School

24 Eyes ( Nijyushi no Hitomi ) was one of the most popular Japanese movies ever. The original was made in 1955 and was set in an elementary school on Shodoshima which was also the actual location for the filming.

In 1987 the made a remake of the movie but development had made location filming difficult so a fake village and school was built a few k down the road and is now a  movie theme park...

There were far fewer visitors at the real school.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these old schools abandoned all across the Japanese countryside, a few being conserved, but most not....


  1. Can you believe I have been down that road several times, visited the more recent movie village three times (including 10 days ago), but never visited that one? Yeah, me neither.

  2. Great film, 24 Eyes. The school looks like most village schools even today. I visited one in Miyoshi (outside of Hiroshima) that mimicked this one.

    1. here is one near us that closed down a few years ago