Monday, September 3, 2018

Hill of Eternal Hope Revisited

Miraishin no Oka, the Hill of Eternal Hope is a sculptural work located on a hill above Kosanji, the somewhat bizarre temple located on Ikuchijima along the Shimanami kaido that connects Hishu with Shikoku.

I have posted about it before, the link is here Heights of Eternal Hope for the Future

All the statues and in fact the surface of the hill top, is constructed out of Carrera marble from Italy where the Japanese sculptor, Kazuo Kuetani lives and works.

I revisited it while on my second day walking along the Shimanami Kaido, a route most often cycled by visitors.


  1. It almost looked Greek to me, all that white against blue skies. I wonder if that was an inspiration?

  2. Hi Jake,
    I cycled the Shimanami Kaido in 2008. It was such a wonderful experience that I rode the O-Shikoku 88 as an encore.
    I confess that the Kosanji Temple was less than inspiring but I loved Istukushima and particularly the Tsutsui Ryokan on the harbour at Setoda.