Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hunting the Fall Color 2016 Day4

Day 3, the walk from Takahama to Obama was fairly dreary and overcast with showers so offered little in the way of fall colors, but day from Obama to the shores of Lake Biwa was fantastic. Instead of taking the direct route I took the opportunity to visit some of the many temples in the mountains south of Obama. This first was at Tada-ji, one of the lesser known temples of the area.

Not far away the Lower Wakasahiko Shrine, one of the main shrines of the aream was carpeted in Gigko leaves.

On the opposite side of the valley a little further up was Montoku-ji, known for its delightful garden.

Even further up the valley, Jingu-ji was superb and I had a real hard timer choosing from the many photos I took there....

High up in the next valley south was Myotsu-ji, and it too was a blaze of color throughout the temple grounds


  1. Wonderful as always, Jake. I'm not familiar with the area. Was the route you took from Obama to Lake Biwa the same as the one known as the Mackerel Road/Saba Kaido? Janet

  2. Magnificent scenery and masterful photography.
    Thank you for bringing Japan onto my screen.