Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hunting the Fall Color 2016 day 1

Just got back from what has become an annual tradition of mine, a nice long walk looking for the autumn colors. This year was a 200 kilometer, 10 day trek that was the final leg of my Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage.

The walk took me from northern Kyoto Prefecture into Fukui and then into Shiga, across Lake Biwa and then finally just into Gifu. The first day I passed through Miyazu, though it was rather overcast and so the colors I found were somewhat muted.

The first photo is at the Sannoguhiyoshi Shrine. The second photo was right next door at a small temple, Nyoganji, where the Gingko tree had only just started to turn. Just in front of the temple was a very small park which is where I took the third photo.

Further into town I stopped in at a wealthy merchants home, the Mikami Family Residence. The main garden was all green, but a smaller side garden had a splash of autumn color.

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