Sunday, May 29, 2016

Early Summer Kagura

Headed up to Kaze no Kuni, our local hot spring resort in the mountains nearby for a free kagura festival.

Its a great venue for it with an outdoor theater and there was lots of food and drink stalls. The different groups performing were all from the immediate vicinty and performed the more traditional, slower 6 beat style.

Lots of good guys, bad guys, and dynamic swordplay.

The highlight for me though was the offerings from a new micro brewery set up in Gotsu called Iwami Bakushu. The "Belgian White" was ok, but the best was "American Pale Ale".... so much tastier than the insipid chemical lager so common here in Japan.


  1. Amazing photos!!

  2. The silhouettes are great shots. Nice idea, what made you think of this?

    And glad us Americans have helped out with the beer there just a little. (says she who lives in Portland Metro)

    1. the silhouettes were there .... dont often get to see kagura in that light. As for the pale ale..... I always thought it was english.....