Monday, November 24, 2014

Minimal Geometric Abstract 2

One weekend one year ago 1483

I'm off walking for a while with minimal internet availability so I will not be able to post, so I leave with a photographic interlude.

One day in Hiroshima 120

Last time I posted similar pictures I received some compliments, but no way am I vain enough to respond to flattery :)


Yin-Yang, positive-negative, and diagonals are basic and elementary design motifs, as are curves. My photography is very simple.

One Day in Izumo9737

Thanks for taking the time to check my humble blog, and thanks to those who comment.


"So then always that knowledge is worthiest which considereth the simple forms or differences of things, which are few in number, and the degrees and coordinations whereof make of all this variety."
Francis Bacon, 


  1. Some great screensaver worthy photos here. Hope you have good weather for your travels

  2. I like very much these photographs. They are amazing
    Your words say all about them
    It’s a pity you leave the Ipernity
    I will continue to accompany You through your blog

  3. Wow! These are incredible photos. I love the balance in each image.