Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Equinox


Last Thursday was the Spring Equinox, and it was also the day I began the final leg of my 2000 plus kilometer walk around Kyushu following the Kyushu 88 Temple Pilgrimage. First stop was Ohashi Kannon-ji, temple #76, in Yoshii, north of Sasebo. Behind the temple was this huge natural bridge. Certainly a big surprise.


Later I left the main road and cut across the hills to visit Tabira Church. Christian cemeteries are not a common sight in most parts of Japan. Photos of the church can be found at this earlier post


Then it was over the bridge to the island of Hirado. Temple #77 is Saikyo-ji.


Then a trek up to the far north of the island to temple 78 which is at the beach where Kukai left on his journey to China in 804. This is a Shingon pilgrimage, so Kukai sites feature heavily.


Back in the main town I just had time for a quick trip to one of the scenic spots, The View Of a Church and Temple. The church is the St Xavier Memorial Church. Photos of which can be seen here.

So now I am in Karatsu. Tomorrow I plan to visit the site where the earliest example of rice in Japan was found. All being well in 4 days I should reach Munakata and the end of my 78 day journey.


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