Saturday, April 13, 2013

The View from Mount Nosoko


At 282 meters Mount Nosoko is not the highest mountain on Ishigaki Island, but its distinctive shape offers 360 degree views from its summit.


To the north the Hirakubo Peninsula.


Down below, coral reefs and turquoise seas...


Locally the mountain is known as Nosoko Mape after a young woman named mape who climbed to the top so she could see the island where her lover lived but was so despondent that another higher mountain blocked her view that she turned to stone...


To the south the east coast of Ishigaki...


After coming down we went to Nosoko Beach..... a woman was digging for some kind of small clam/shellfish, and after she left we had the whole beach to ourselves....

Ishigaki Sea Salt

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  1. glad to see you made it up Nosoko and that you had relatively good weather. Beautiful photos