Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inaka Ilumi


Uzui is a tiny village up in the mountains near to the border with Hiroshima Prefecture.

If there is more than 100 people in the village I would be surprised.


It does, however, have a railway station, on the Sanko Line, the line that follows the Gonokawa River past my village. 5 trains a day in each direction.


The station is not actually IN the village, rather above the village. 6 stories above.

Incidentally, there is no escalator, only stairs.


This last weekend Uzui hosted "Inaka Ilumi", and the station and other places around the village were lit up.


It may not match the illuminations of places like Kobe, Disneyland, or the new Tokyo Sky Tree, but it was fun and a surprising number of people visited.


As well as the station, the 4 little bridges across the stream were lit up, several paddies had illuminated domes in them, the forest at various points up the valley were floodlight, and even the stream itself had strings of lights floating on it.


  1. what can I say, I'm constantly blown away by the scope of topics you cover and love your photography.Surprised a large company has not picked up on your work and made some of it into a book on Japan. all the best to you and yours for the next year.

  2. I enjoy reading this blog, again a very nice post! Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement Matus and Llewellyn
    best to you and yours too....

  4. very pretty. I love that they self-identify as inaka!