Sunday, July 12, 2009

Umeboshi,... an acquired taste


Umeboshi, pickled plums, can most often be found in bentos, where a single plum is placed in the center of the rice to look like the Japanese flag.

After picking when ripe in June, the plums are mixed with salt and shiso leaves (to give the color) and packed with a weight on top.

Later the pickled plums are sun dried, like these of my neighbors in the photo above.

Actually Ume are not true plums, being closer to apricots.

Not fond of umeboshi myself, though umeboshi-flavored candy is OK.


  1. Huge umeboshi fan here.

    Excellent picture :D

  2. I must be honest and say they do not look appetizing. We have a niece stationed in Japan and she and her husband can not have kids so they adopted a new born Japanese baby. He is a cutie, from pictures. I am finding your blog very interesting.

  3. I agree with your sentiment. I find actual umeboshi is too sour for my taste, but I like the candy just fine.