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Monday, December 1, 2008

November Harvest 3


Chinese cabbage, or Pak Choi, is known as hakusai in Japanese, and is common in most gardens. It has been grown in it's native China for thousands of years but did not come to Japan until the early part of the 20th Century when it was brought by soldiers returning from the Russo-Japanese war.


Had a really good crop of kiwi fruits this year. About 20 years ago kiwis became very popular in Japan, and everyone started planting them. This past year I cut back the vines twice, once in winter and a second time in the summer after flowering, and I think that is why we got so much fruit.

beet greens

Started picking the fall crop of beets. I like the greens, but mostly I grow them to make pickled beetroot, a food that is impossible to buy in Japan.

November is a busy time in the garden,... lots to harvest, and time to bed the garden down for winter. December , January, and February is time to hunker down next to the woodstove and hibernate!
Picked the Fall potatoes.... first time I tried a second crop, and to be able to eat new potatoes is a delight indeed. Picked the last of the tomatoes and peppers.... great to be able to have fresh salad at the end of November!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

July harvest

Here are some of the veggies I've been picking from my gardens this month.


Known as ninjin in Japanese, carrots were introduced from Europe through Nagasaki in the 19th Century. They grow pretty much all year round, but my main crop I plant for winter harvesting.


Most people round here have never seen beets, though the leafy variety known as Swiss Chard was introduced in the 19th Century. Hokkaido now grows a lot of sugar beets. As with carrots, my main crop I grow in the Fall, and mostly I pickle them. Pickled beetroot can not be bought in Japan.


Tomatoes were introduced by the Portugese in the 17th century, though improved strains were introduced from the USA in the 20th century. This variety of yellow cherry tomatoes I hadn't tried before. The larger red tomatoes are just starting to get ripe and I'll be picking them continuously until November.
Of course we have also been picking kilos of green peppers and eggplants!